Art Classes Sydney

Drummoyne Art Society runs weekly art classes Sydney for all ages.

We have the most affordable term classes in Sydney! We keep our attendee numbers low, so that each student gets the right attention.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, our experienced & award winning tutors can guide you through step by step. The classes are very relaxed and we encourage students to create artworks on any subject using sketches or photos as reference.


Looking for painting classes Sydney? Are you a beginner wanting to try water colours or a veteran wanting to master oil painting? Whatever your level we have a painting class that will suit you. Paint with oils, acrylic, watercolour or any other medium at our main gallery in Concord or on a Thursday at Drummoyne. 

Watch your canvas come alive with colour or paint a vase as beautiful as the flowers that go in it. Our experienced tutors will guide you step by step or offer inspiration to help you achieve your goals. Come along to one of our weekly classes and improve your artistic potential in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. There are painting classes to suit everyone.


Want to attend drawing classes Sydney but not sure where to go? Drummoyne Art Society offers hands on, practical learning experiences led by experienced tutors. We have drawing classes that suit all levels – from beginner to advance. Learn how to turn your doodling into a work of art in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking to learn a new skill or just want to keep your brain active, drawing allows you to observe form and express this using light and shade. Our award winning teachers will guide you step by step or offer support to help you achieve results. Our weekly drawing classes will improve your artistic potential, regardless of your level.

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Drummoyne Art Society runs weekly art classes Sydney for all ages. Painting and drawing classes for kids and adults at all levels. Book today